Book Review: Arsenal Confidential

Last updated : 25 November 2008 By Brian Dawes

The excellent pictures show the sort of behind the scenes shots that don't necessarily get shown in your average football feature or photoshoot. As a bit of a shamateur photographer myself this title is one that I particularly enjoyed because the quality and editing of the photographs is so good. Added to which I like the fact that many of the pictures are so thoughtfully original despite covering a topic that is swamped with both still and moving pictures on a daily basis. The photo captions are accurate and concise and include a number of fine quotations, but it has to be said that if you were looking for just a good read, then this title wouldn't necessarily be the one for you. But that's not its claim in any case because it is the photography that is the heart of the publication.

This pictorial journey has been sectioned off into pre-season, work and play, the club, matchday, on and off the pitch, team spirit & celebrations. It's not like the standard fare of goals, tackles or the usual match action, but far more an 'under the skin' documentary. As Arsene Wenger says about this title "This book captures the true uniqueness of the Club: what I, the players and, of course, the fans find special about it". Which says it all really.

Arsenal Confidential

Stuart MacFarlane, Club photographer

Published by Hamlyn

Price £10.00

Any decent bookseller will order it in for you if you quote the following reference: ISBN 978 0 600 61890 4. Or it can be obtained from the Club shops or any of your favourite online bookstores.