Book Review: Billy Gooner's First Match

Last updated : 26 November 2010 By Brian Dawes
'Billy Gooner's First Match' is a sweetly illustrated little story about that day most Arsenal supporters will never ever forget; the ocassion on which they get to visit the stadium and see their team play for the first time. The tale is set in 1976 as Billy Gooner celebrates his seventh birthday with an unexpected trip to Highbury along with his Dad who, as some of you may have suspected, is also an Arsenal fan.

Billy has the sort of day that's memorable for many reasons and chock-a-block with highs and lows not to mention quite a few goals. As every good birthday story should, it ends with a birthday bonus young Billy will treasure forever.

Billy Gooner's First Match
Author: Greg Adams & Illustrated by Debbie Mitchell
Published by GCR Books
Paperback £6.99

Available from any good book store if you quote them the following reference: ISBN 978 0 9559211 5 5. Or direct from the publisher or of course all the usual online stores.