Book Review: 'The Gooners Quiz Book'

Last updated : 13 November 2006 By Brian Dawes
You probably won't have time to get through all the questions on a trip to somewhere exotic, like Craven Cottage, but if you're travelling further afield this quiz book will prove a great way to pass the time. Better still if you are the one that is acting as quizmaster, because I have to say I found quite a few of the questions somewhat tough. But then again senility and a drink-addled brain may also have played a part in my failure to remember a lot of the answers.

Naming which stadium we played in for the Champions League final was ok but guessing which year Perry Groves was born in was altogether more testing. And no doubt will be for all but those Gooners with a photographic memory and too much time on their hands. Still at least the book offered three options for that particular question and I did get it correct on my third attempt. There are many other questions of course that will jog pleasant memories so the book is well worth investigating. It's also a good way to catch out any of your mates who think they know everything to know about the Gunners.

This title offers one hundred pages of questions and every one of them is Arsenal related. Thankfully it also gives all the answers. Right then that's how we'll be killing the time on our trip to Bolton sorted and guess who'll be asking the questions?

This publication also has an added bonus in that for every single copy sold one pound goes directly to the Willow Foundation, which just in case you didn't know is the charity set up by Bob Wilson and his wife Meg. The Charity provides special days out for seriously ill young adults and it's a worthy cause whether or not you buy the book, so follow this link for further information on Bob's charity

The Gooners Quiz Book
Compiled by Chris Cowlin
Price 8.99
Published by Apex Publishing

Available from all the usual online bookstores, your favourite bookseller or the publisher direct at Just quote ISBN 1 904444 77 6 or 978 1 904444 77 0 if your favourite bookseller can't track it down.