CD Review: The Unbeatables

Last updated : 18 August 2004 By Brian Dawes
How ideal can be judged by our recent trip to Everton when young Gemma, who travelled with us, asked her daddy if we could listen to the Arsenal CD. Now as it happens, before we'd left home I'd asked John if he had a copy of ‘The Unbeatables', thinking we could play mine on the way North but John had already got it. It was his young daughter however who'd asked to hear it, so clearly suitable for all age groups then.

In fact it's ideal for any occasion, especially when you want to hear a little bit of something to get you in the mood for a big game, a big Arsenal game that is and surely there is no other kind. This is a CD produced specifically for charity which contains over twenty seven tracks and lasts, according to the cover notes 79 minutes and 57 seconds. Put another way it should be ideal for whiling away a motorway journey such places as Portsmouth or Ipswich and it will take care a sizable chunk of your trips to Anfield, Old Trafford or in our case Goodison.

If you like chants, Arsenal songs, clips of commentary and the chants of the fans you'll love this amazing mix of sounds. There are clips on this CD from the early days of steam-powered radio, archive material from the seventies and pretty well every big Arsenal occasion since. ‘They have taken the title away from Manchester Untied at Old Trafford and it does not get any more conclusive than that …. ‘ ‘It's Thomas bursting through midfield….' ‘We saved Campbell from the Lane' ‘2-1 we beat the scum 2-1' ‘Parlour! It's a vintage F A Cup goal for Arsenal! ‘There's only one Arsene Wenger' ‘Arsene Wenger's Red and white Army'. ‘Tony Adams a Highbury legend…'

The music is all pure Arsenal stuff and very variable, the overdubbed commentary includes over 40 goals from the 2003-4 season and many more classic goals from previous seasons. It also includes recordings of the North Bank and Clock End. Better yet all proceeds raised from contributions are in aid of the ‘Guide Dogs For The Blind Association'. The CD has no price but I reckon the minimum you should send is at least a tenner, fifteen quid if you feel able or much more if you're feeling charitable.

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