Money Over What Matters!

Last updated : 02 October 2006 By Sarah Blake

Abramovich - Obscene wealth
Although shocking, it comes as no real surprise as football, unfortunately, seems to be being dragged into this formidable world, which is all about money, money, money.

Since the arrival of foreign investors finding it almost fashionable within their rich little circles to purchase themselves a new little hobby, everything has risen in price, from players wages to ticket prices.

Have the footballers and the clubs that we grew up admiring really sold their passion and love for their club and team, for a few extra quid? Would a fan change clubs because the ticket prices were cheaper? We now have all these money mad investors buying up our clubs and almost exploiting us for our passionate love of them.

How much is the average wage at present, for the normal ‘working class'? Approximately, £23,000 a year. How much do many footballers in the premier league today get paid on average, each year? About £676,000!! Need I say more!

Players are being offered substantial amounts of money to join clubs, some following the FA's rules, some trying their luck illegally. These behind the scene increases, without the actual inflation of the ‘working classes' wages makes no sense!

There is no concrete level in force, of what would be classed as absurd amounts of money. Although there has never technically been a limit on this, since the arrival of the rich boys such as, Abramovich at Chelsea, Glazier at Man Utd and Lerner at Aston Villa, almost everything in football has changed.

Where will the madness stop? The clubs boards say these take-overs are for the good of the club, the fans alike, and the future - were the fans actually ever consulted?

The players of 40-50 years ago should be looked up too by the players of today. The sheer joy and passion for the game and love of their club could be seen on their faces. It was never about money for them and it shouldn't be about money now!

Football has always been a working mans sport. Saving that little bit from your wage, to buy that all-important ticket. It is almost heartbreaking to see it near transforming, into anything but what the fans have loved and enjoyed for years.

At grounds now, you have the lavish ‘executive areas', for all the ‘exclusive members' to wine and dine in peace before, during and after a game or to bring their clients to watch the beautiful game. This may be a part of the income for clubs, but how many seats does this usually leave empty per game? - even when the club says its a ‘sell out'...! Imagine the fans sitting at home watching, who would have loved the chance to be there.

Every club has the ‘hardcore fans', I am not talking about the troublemakers or ones aiming racism towards the opposition, which is obviously unacceptable. I am talking about the fans that just want to sing their hearts outs with that sincere heartfelt passion and cheer their team like there's no tomorrow, for every game.

If anything, I find they inspire the rest of the ground to sing up, to stop being ‘armchair supporters', and get verbally behind their team.

Does it not encourage the players, let them know were behind them every step of the way? How often do players hear their names being sung and turn to applause the stands as acknowledgement and appreciation of this? How many times do they direct it towards these all-important ‘executive areas'? Do you even hear these areas make ANY noise for the team?

From seeing what happens at some games, these fans themselves seem to be the ones that now get ridiculed! I myself saw two hardcore Arsenal fans being ejected from The Emirates Stadium during the Arsenals fantastic first winning lead at their new home, which evolved to be our first home victory in the premiership this season. Can you imagine the sheer devastation of not being there to see it? for simply standing and cheering, supporting your team, after 9 years of being a season ticket holder?! One simple word on the part of the stewards and police - disgusting!

What makes a club what it is? Surely, is it not the fans? The people who follow their team up and down the Country, even throughout most of the world, fill the stadiums week in and week out, passionately singing and chanting their hearts out, backing their team and the players and purchasing the merchandise! Surely the fans are the heart and soul of any club? Have I got it wrong?

True fans are fiercely loyal to their club and in return, expect some loyalty of the same calibre back, be it from the club, manager or players. Everybody needs to stop making football all about the money and get back to what it has always been about – the football!