AISA Welcomes ticket price stability plans

Last updated : 24 January 2005 By Chris Parry

AISA chairman, Paul Matz, said:

“There have been massive hikes in ticket prices at Arsenal in recent years, and we have been campaigning for the annual increase to be no more than the rate of inflation.

“We are therefore delighted to hear from Arsenal managing director, Keith Edelman that the Club's intention is to adopt exactly that policy when the move to the new stadium takes place next year.

“Furthermore Arsenal say that the increase this year will ‘not be a large one' and that the intention the following season is to make no increase at all.

“It is good news for fans who have enjoyed the great success over the last few years but at massive financial cost.

“The costs of recruiting and retaining world-class players have spiralled out of all proportion and that income has to be found somewhere. But more and more supporters who have stuck with the club through thick and thin are being priced out of watching live football.

“AISA has asked Mr Edelman to ensure that there are a large number of lower-price seats available at the new stadium, all with a standard price below £30.”

For further information please contact Paul Matz on 020 7566 7842 or 07850 920899, or at