All talk and no action so far, however...

Last updated : 07 June 2013 By Chris

The Chief Exec says:

“It is going to be the players that Arsene believes in. He is pretty blind to price tags. He looks at what he sees with his eyes and makes judgements based on that, and not on reputations and prices.”

We have a certain amount which we have held in reserve. We also have new revenue streams coming on board and all of these things mean we can do some things which would excite you, but what excites Arsene isn’t necessarily what excites you.”

All the talk is of Jovetic, Rooney, Higuain and Fellaini, although will any of these players grace the Emirates turf in an Arsenal shirt next season?

The Jovetic speculation seems to have cooled off, but that's not necessarily a sign that a deal is dead.

Wenger has allegedly had meetings with Higuain's agent, and the player himself is report to have said “Arsenal? They would suit me. I’m still young and I have goals.”

Rooney meanwhile seems unlikely, and if anyone's going to poach Fellaini from Everton it'll be his former manager Moyes.

It's going to be a waiting game again Gooners, and although the natural tendency is to expect to be disappointed, it's just possible that cash will be splashed this summer - but on who?