All talk but no action... yet.

Last updated : 25 June 2013 By Chris

... but are the club playing their cards close to their chests and doing remarkable work behind the scenes to secure quality signings this summer? - or simply sitting on their hands?

We here talks of Higuain having a medical with the club, we read that Madrid have conceded that the player will leave, we read that wage demands are going to be met - but we still have no word from the club, with time ticking along.

Fellaini was never going to be an easy capture - sure he wants to come, but he's trying to engineer a big pay rise (some would say 'who can blame him?'). He's reportedly looking for an increase from his current 75k a week at Everton to something like 100k a week - frankly not stratospheric figures in this day and age - and he's exactly the type of midefielder we need - he has presence, ability and speed.

Meanwhile we wait for news, and I'm in danger of joining the speculators which is something I've always been reluctant to do.

For god's sake get a move on Arsene!