Anfield '89 Book - Publication date now in sight at last!

Last updated : 17 August 2004 By The Anfield '89 Book Team
The original publishing date of May – just a few months after the idea was conceived – was always optimistic. With the overwhelming amount of entries we received, it soon became clear the project would be of a far bigger scale than we'd anticipated.

We then began making progress in persuading a number of rather impressive names to contribute to the book, and as the project has grown, so have our ambitions. Hence the delay.

But happily, the finishing line is now in sight and we anticipate the book arriving on your doorstep within the next two months.

The Book Team realise that we are indebted to the generosity and trust that you showed by digging deep, even before anything had been produced. We're committed to providing you with what you've paid for, but also determined to make it as good as possible.

In endeavouring to meet these two targets, it's taken longer than we would have liked. But we are confident that it will all be worth it.

Thanks for your patience.