Anfield '89 book update - 'Slow But Sure'

Last updated : 18 November 2004 By Chris Parry
Lest we forget...
The current situation is that the book is complete (i.e. all of the submissions have been compiled into a useable format and fully checked by proofreaders) and the next stage is the typesetting and printing which is due to take place shortly.

One has to remember that all of the work on this book is being done by volunteers who are devoting a lot of time to the project in addition to fulfilling obligations to the employers that actually pay for their time!

We have specifically asked the typesetters and printers to do their work in their 'spare time' in order to minimise costs and therefore maximise the amount of money that we are eventually able to donate to the Marc Fisher Trust.

At the end of the day, we want the book finished at the earliest possible time, because only then will we be able to reach higher numbers of potential customers by making sure that the book is in stock with as many retailers as possible. At the same time we want to ensure that we come up with a quality product at a cost effective price, hence the delay.

What we must not do is lose sight of the reason for doing the book in the first place - We are very grateful to the considerable number of you who have made advance orders, and can assure you that your continued patience will be rewarded with a bloody good read!

Very many thanks.