Anyone got a spare ticket? - Uh-oh, on second thoughts...

Last updated : 12 October 2006 By Chris Parry
How many of us have benefitted by being able to buy a spare ticket at face value from another Gooner? - Yes? - Oh that will be thousands of us then.

This might be about to change though - Long-time dedicated fan Alan Esparza, who has only missed three games home and away in the last thirty seven years, has just had his tickets revoked for the rest of the season by the club for doing just this.

Read the full story on the Online Gooner website here, and please give the guy your support. There is an issue here which affects fans of all clubs, not just ours.

Frankly, if true, it beggars belief the way that the club are behaving in this instance. Since the arrival of Keith Edelman things have been going downhill at the club in many ways, but to be honest how much lower can they get? - To treat a man who has steadfastly paid for his tickets for so many years so badly is in my view reprehensible.

The irony is that despite all of the so called 'effort' by the club in recent years to get rid of the scum that are the ticket touts, they still continue to operate freely in full view of the law. I contend that the club don't give a toss about the touts who fleece ticketless fans - as long as they have the revenue in the bank I'm not sure they care who attends the games.

So give this man your support people - and remember, it could easily be you!