Arsenal 2020/21 Home Shirt Spotted on Sale Ahead of Official Release

Arsenal's new home shirt for the 2020/21 Premier League season has been found already on sale, suggesting adidas are set to officially release the kit over the next few weeks.

adidas had to postpone their initial launch date due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has impacted releases for the company's other clubs like Juventus, Real Madrid and Manchester United.

It's not officially known when these release dates have been pushed back to, but Footy Headlines suggest something could happen over the next few weeks after Arsenal's home kit for next season was spotted on sale.

The new image of Arsenal's shirt on sale appears to confirm the leaks which have emerged over the last few weeks and months, which suggests the new design will very loosely pay homage to their home kit during the 1994/95 season.

The design has received a mix reception from Arsenal fans on social media, unlike when adidas released their first set of kits after taking back control from the club's former manufacturer Puma.

The only noticeable change based off previous leaks is how the pattern on Arsenal's new home shirt will be much more defined, compared to what had been expected.

Arsenal's kit for next season isn't the only new adidas design which has been spotted on sale, as Juventus' new shirt was also spotted at the same retail store.

The Bianconeri's new shirt has received a similar amount of backlash as they've only half-heartedly returned to their traditional black and white stripes.

As well as (another) new pattern for the stripes, Juventus' new shirt will also be laced with gold on the sides, as well as for the adidas logo, Jeep sponsor and even the club crest.

It's only a minor change based off what had been leaked prior to Juventus' new shirt apparently going on sale.

Source : 90min