Arsenal fans perplexed after thumping defeat at Liverpool

Below are some of the contributions to Arsenal Fan TV

"Wrong line-up, players in the wrong position

What is going on with this club at the moment? We've added (players) and we've got worse."

"I'm gutted

I've been always Wenger In, but this has done me

It's Wenger Out

This is the tipping point for me

This was terrible

This is not Arsenal

I don't understand it

I don't know what's going on

We need the manager out

We need some players in

We need someone young to manage this team."

"Last year I was a staunch Wenger Out

I was at all of the marches

This year I thought to myself 'give him a clean slate'

I honestly thought that he would go and spend a lot of money, go out in two years blazing in glory

He's totally let us down again

As far as I'm concerned our season's over already."

"(Wenger) should've gone in May

All we've got now is another 600 days left

When Wenger helps them out with the team selection, they're entitled to play well

Any positives today? I'm going home."

Source : PA

Source: PA