Arsenal stagnate while others buy Again

Last updated : 19 June 2013 By DSG

There has been much talk over the last month of Arsenal now being able to compete with the elite regarding wages and transfers, and yet, a month after seasons end, the only positive from the transfer market is the final release of Arshavin and Squillaci. Having been linked with seemingly a whole new squad, something which some fans might be more than OK with I might add, for nothing to have actually materialised is more than a little disheartening, especially after the last few preseason debacles and panic buying.

Simply put, there are only 2 months to go until the Champions League playoffs, and recent history, (i.e last season's first few fixtures), show how a team who have not gelled simply don't perform up to standard. Some might argue that, players such as Rooney, Fellaini, and Benteke, all touted as viable transfers for Arsene's newly acknowledged (if not newly acquired) war-chest, should not need time to adjust due to their experience within the Premier League but, every environment is different, as are the training methods. Add to that the plethora of foreign players due to join the ranks if the rumour mill is to be believed, and the dressing room simply cannot be expected to be the same as it was at the end of last season, where Arsenal strung together their best run in eons, of 10 matches unbeaten in the league.

Arsenal have money, this much is certain. They have a manager who knows how to win things. They have a current squad who are hungry and given their end of season form, must also believe that they could do battle with the best and come out unscathed. Now they need to step up, get their transfer business done, and begin to work on creating a team where newcomers cease to feel like newcomers before the season begins. Only then will they be serious contenders for the league.

Source: DSG

Source: DSG