Arsenal v West Bromwich Albion - Player Ratings

Last updated : 21 November 2004 By Mike Bohndiek

Key Incidents

Goal (Arsenal) (57) - I thought this would be the lucky break that turned our recent poor form. It didn't work out that way, but was still a huge slice of fortune in a game where we were below par. Pires found space, and cut in from the left. He curled a tame shot towards goal, that some how slipped between the hands of Russel Hoult and trickled into the net.

Goal (West Brom) (78) - Just how did he keep that ball in will be the question asked by gooners across the land. Greening looked certain to let the ball run out of play, but with all the Arsenal static, he showed a marvelous touch to set himself up for the cross. Arsenal were all over the place, and while Lehmann was caught in no-mans land, Kolo lost his man, and Earnshaw tucked the ball away.

Player Ratings

Jens Lehmann - 5 - Got caught out for the goal, when he started to come then went back, and was positioned badly. Erratic kicking all day; I lost count of the times he kicked the ball out into our half and to a West Brom player!

Ashley Cole - 6 - A dip in his recent form, where he allowed the uncertainty at the back to effect his game. Was caught out a number of times, and made some poor decisions defensively.

Kolo Toure - 6 - Is not half the player he normally is when Sol is out. He and Sol seem to draw strength from each other, and there skills are complimentary. However, Kolo lacks the big voice to organise us, and with Cygan beside him, there is nobody barking out the orders.

Pascal Cygan - 6 - Had a disaster with his passing, where I would guess that a good 50% were off target. Missed a glorious chance to put us 2-0 up.

Lauren - 6 - Was also caught napping a few times on a day when the defence looked very shaky.

Robert Pires - 6 - Played some nice passing movements, but as I have said for previous games, when we are drawing 1-1 with a few minutes left to play, this is not the time for fancy flicks. He tried this once too often late on.

Patrick Vieira - 7 - Passed well and moved the ball about. Got the tackles in, but still has this horrible inability to shoot. In situations where he could lace the ball, he always chooses to pass. Very frustrating.

Cesc Fabregas - 7 - Spread the play well with some searching balls. He was, however, looking tired, and his work rate slipped from previous matches. No surprise to see that he didn't last 90 minutes.

Freddie Ljungberg - 6 - Played in some good balls, and turned his man on more than one occasion. However this was a blip in his recent rich form.

Thierry Henry - 7 - MOTM. Chased the ball down, and showed good commitment when we most needed it. Drove forward and made fine runs into the box.

Dennis Bergkamp - 6 - Not at his best. Some of the balls worked, but more often than not, they didn't come off.


Robin Van Persie - N/A - 2 minutes just isn't enough time to judge a player.

Jose Reyes - 6 - Only had 10 minutes to make an impact, but he failed to do this. Seemed to be out of ideas and was static on the ball.