Arsenal World is re-launched!

Last updated : 31 May 2002 By Chris Parry
There are basically two reasons for the change to the new format:

Financial considerations

The old site was costing a small fortune to host (even in the USA where hosting is cheaper) because of it's vast popularity, and the resulting huge bandwidth usage. Because the banner advertising market is in the doldrums income from the site was far less than expenditure, and frankly I could no longer justify the costs.

Ease of editing

The new site can be edited and maintained from any web browser on any computer, therefore I am able to provide regular updates when I am away from home, and grant permission to selected people who can update news, features and reports on my behalf. This all adds up to a better, more up-to-the-minute site, and means the end of the dreaded "I'm on holiday for a week" editorials on the front page!

I am gratified to say that the old site became somewhat of an institution therefore I was obviously reluctant to introduce too many sweeping changes to the format, but I think you'll agree that the site has a fresh new look whilst maintaining the same high level of content. OK, so it's part of a network of other sites (a lot of which are fine sites I hasten to add) but the aforementioned advantages will only serve to enhance Arsenal World.

At this point I have to thank the many good people who contribute fine articles and reports, and of course express my gratitude to you for coming back to keep abreast of "all things Arsenal"

I should also make it clear that certain parts of the new site are effectively "work in progress", therefore selected features from the old site will appear on here in due course. I am referring particularly to e-cards and screensavers (which incidentally will be brand new). There may also be instances of broken links etc. - this is inevitable with a site of this size - but you'll have to bear with us whilst we iron out all of the teething troubles.

Regular users of the Arsenal World Interactive Message Board (AWIMB) will be pleased to see that the format remains the same - they're a traditional lot on there, and I wouldn't be too popular if I tampered with it too much!

I would be pleased to have your views on the site, so please do not hesitate to mail me and be perfectly frank with your views. Your suggestions / criticisms are all taken on board, because at the end of the day this site is for you.

Many, many thanks for all of your support and encouragement over the years.

Chris Parry