Arsene speaks following his week-long 'media holiday'

Last updated : 13 November 2006 By Chris Parry
He said:

"I think Alan Pardew apologised because he was conscious that I felt provoked by disrespectful behaviour in my area. I reacted and I regret that because you should never react, but I accept his apologies and life goes on."

"It was still a small incident: two managers had a heated disagreement and, for me, it was the first time in English football. I also hope it was the last time. I have not spoken to Alan Pardew or anyone else about the matter since it happened and I will not especially demand a hearing because, for me, the incident is over.

"I do not particularly want to travel to the FA - after 23 years on the bench, I know when my behaviour is wrong and, as far as I am concerned, that is it."

"I am not an image man, and do not need the cameras to say what I think. I do not work here for my image - I work for my club and to win football games. Sometimes I go a little bit further than I should, but all the rest, there is no need to be filmed or looked at. I am adult enough to know that when I do not do right, I have to accept it - all the rest is for movies, but not real life."

And on today's game:

"We needed a reaction. Seasons are decided by the quality of response your team can give after an unexpected and bit unlucky defeat at West Ham. I knew today would be an important game for my team for the season.

"We played against a good Liverpool side and the first goal made the difference."