Arsene Wenger- Arsenals 600 employees need paying

Last updated : 21 August 2016 By DSG

Arsene Wenger was interviewed on BT Sport after the game and when he was questioned about spending money he replied "what is important is that when you have a club with 600 employees you make sure you can pay everybody at the end of the month."

I think even the BT Sport reporter was a bit taken aback by the Arsenal manager's comments

The bottom line is that most of these "employers" would be classed as matchday staff and then balance this against the fact that Arsenal are enjoying a share of a bumper TV rights deal which is reported to be in excess of £10Bn over the next 3 years (not including their Champions League or sponsorship revenue) his comments have come as a shock to many Gunners fans

There was an instant reaction on Twitter with comments such as "You have to be joking he [Arsene] is on £8m a year, or "so we can't buy a £50M striker cos [sic] Sandra in the canteen is on £10 per hour?"

You get the gist.

There is a tangible and growing frustration being aired by Arsenal fans

With Usmanov still waiting, and being blocked in the wings, now reportedly interested in investing in Everton, the prognosis for Arsenal fans is not too optimistic

The fact is Arsenal are one of the richest Premier League clubs

They have huge cash reserves

Their season tickets are amongst, if not the most expensive in the whole of Europe

They told their fans that the move to the Emirates would see the club be able to compete with the biggest clubs in Europe

10 years since leaving their beloved Highbury, many Arsenal fans are asking themselves where have these promises gone?

Where do you stand on Wenger?

Source : DSG

Source: DSG