Arsene Wenger given ultimatum over transfer failings

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With one player coming in and a staggering 18 going out (sold or loaned) it is easy to understand the frustration of some of the gunnersÂ’ fans

The Mirror reported that Arsenal was the only club in EuropeÂ’s top 5 leagues to have not signed a single outfield player

These are pretty damning statistics for Arsene Wenger and if the season does not go to plan the ‘Arsene-Out’ brigade will be going into overdrive

Already fans are pointing to the fact that the clubs top goal-scorer is currently none other than Mr OG and the Gunners have failed to score in 5 of their 6 last home games; so the pressure is really on.

ArsenalFanTV which has a huge cult following with Arsenal fans tweeted “Embarrassing transfer deadline day for Arsenal.” The well known Arsene-phobe Piers Morgan tweeted “I just paid £2.30 for a coffee at Starbucks

I thus spent more than Wenger today.” I could go on but you get the gist.Questions around why we failed to secure Cavani, or Džeko or James Rodríguez are being asked by the Arsenal fans but I find this quite bizarre as PSG made it clear they would rather sell Ibrahimovic than Cavani; There was no way City would sell Džeko to another Premiership team and as for James Rodríguez he too was simply not for sale

The calls to sign players who are simply not available is quite frankly counter-productive

As a Gunners fan myself I have been observing the ridiculous fees being paid in the transfer window

£36 million paid for an unproven teenager

£55 million for a player who was in the Premier League just over a year ago and who FAILED, or £49 million for another youngster who has just come out of his teens, who can run quite fast and score the odd goal

It just does not add up and the saying ‘more money than sense’ springs to mind.

I have no doubt that Arsene Wenger would have brought in players if they were available

It simply is not his style to be bullied into panic buying

He has an unshakable belief in his squad

If he was going to buy a striker, that footballer needed to be an upgrade on Giroud

When I compare Cavani to Giroud neither has pace, both are exceptional in the air, they both hold the ball up brilliantly and GiroudÂ’s goalscoring record is not bad

He will deliver a 20-goal a season return

Cavani has a strike rate of a goal every other game

Giroud has scored 42 goals in just over 100 games so his strike rate is very similar to Cavani

Is this an obvious upgrade on Giroud? I think not

The players at Arsenal have re-discovered the winning mentality

Back-to-back FA Cup wins is evidence of this

Clearly it would have been nice to have got some quality in to help our push for more success this year but I think Arsene knows best

For those who want to see the club fail so they can say “I told you so” I really think those people should think twice before they make such statements.

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Source : DSG

Source: DSG