Arsene's chance to raid his video archive for evidence

Last updated : 24 September 2003 By Chris Parry
Arsene will now have the opportunity, using his own video evidence and evidence from the media, not only to illustrate that Van Nistelrooy is a habitual cheat, thereby justifying his remarks, but also to demonstrate that similar allegations have been made against our own players by people in the game who should know better (Ferguson) with no recriminations whatsoever.

Robert Pires has recently been the focus of attention, yet none of the people who were so quick to accuse him have been brought to book by the F.A. - Why not???

For my part, I hope that the club use all of the evidence at their disposal to try and 'level the playing field' a little, although it is likely that the F.A.'s selective blindness will prove to be too much of an obstacle even for the not inconsiderable talents of our manager.