Capello moans as Totti is beaten at his own game

Last updated : 11 March 2003 By Chris Parry
Capello Said:

"I have seen the replay and Totti just put his hand up, he hardly touched his face. The referee should just have warned him. Keown was a fantastic actor. We will have to consider whether to appeal. It depends if Uefa are going to look at the television proof but I beg people to look at the video again.

"Totti jumps up and sticks out his hand but it certainly isn't his elbow. He literally just touches the side of his face with his hand. I repeat that the defender was an excellent actor. Keown just did what he wanted and managed to get Totti sent off. This time, English football has failed to show good sportsmanship."

Capello should be an expert on acting, witnessing as he does some of the outrageous stuff that goes on in Serie A week-in week-out.

Totti is one of the game's worst offenders, continuously looking to influence referees with his playacting - Tonight he got what he deserved.