Champions League final - Ticket disaster looming

Last updated : 04 March 2004 By Chris Parry
It might be wise apply for tickets from the public allocation in an attempt to avoid the nightmare scenario of us being in the final, and you outside the stadium.

Reason? - We have approximately 22,000 season ticket holders, and our guaranteed allocation should we get to the final will be a mere 14,000.

The breakdown of tickets for the game at the Schalke Arena is as follows:

Team A - 14,000
Team B - 14,000
General Public - 7,000
Hospitality Packages - 2,600
UEFA Cronies etc. - 10,000
Local organisations - 1,700
'Security and Media' - 2,700

Total Capacity - 52,000

The batch of public tickets go on sale via UEFA's website from 12 noon CET on March 12th. to 12 noon CET on March 31st., and all applications received during that period will go into a ballot to determine the recipients.

Prices range from 60 euros to 160 euros, and tickets are limited to two per person.

What do I think? - Well frankly I feel that the pathetically small percentage of tickets that will go to real fans is scandalous, and that come matchday on May 26th. the stadium will be full of corporate muppets that don't give a toss about either team.

UEFA are more interested in making money from the tournament than catering for the fans, for some of whom seeing their club play in a game of this magnitude might be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
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