Chelsea v Arsenal - Player Ratings

Last updated : 26 February 2007 By Luis Anaconda

Most of them were involved in the brawl at the end of this final with the Chelsea players yet not one managed to clock that smug talentless git Lampard, though in young Francesc's case it was not for the want of trying. You can't really be anything other than proud as our young team more than held their own against the classless nouveau riche bully boys from West London.

Young Theo proved a fair few people wrong with his first goal for the club, only for Drogba to prove the linesman was a wrong'un by equalising despite being offside. He then popped up with a winner from a superb Robben cross late in the second half, Drogba that is not the linesman although they battled it out for Chelsea's man of the match. You may have read elsewhere about what followed - see also the Battle of Old Trafford 1, the Battle of Old Trafford 2 and the Battle of Agincourt (it's those pesky French you know)

Almunia - 6 - Not much chance with either goal and was beaten by two fierce shots off the bar, otherwise all right.

Hoyte - 7 - Confident and competent, he could have used the ball better when going forward.

Toure - 6 - Captain for the day and led by example - into battle anyway.

Senderos - 6 - Made numerous vital blocks, but should have done more to put off Drogba on the winner.

Traore - 7 - Surprisingly strong in the tackle and exciting going forward but a bit careless at times.

Walcott - 8 - Cracking first goal for the club and looked more confident in his passing and running. Will be flavour of the month with the imbeciles who were prepared to write off a 17-year-old after a few poor games.

Denilson - 7 - Hamstrung by an early booking for an innocuous challenge, he was not quite as involved as he has been in previous matches. One ball for Aliadiere was worthy of, well...

Fabregas - 8 - Strode around the Millennium as if he owned it. Made Lampard look like a waste of space - and did some difficult stuff as well.

Diaby - 8 - Another glimpse of his talent, another injury. When we get him fit he is going to be frightening.

Aliadiere - 6 - Can't fault the effort but performance summed up when put in a good position by a cracking pass from Denilson he was indecisive, neither shooting or passing.

Baptista - 7 - A real handful in the first half at the centre of a lot of good things. Faded in the second.


Eboue - 4 - Quite frankly becoming a bit of an embarrassment.

Hleb - 6 - Unfortunately came on as Chelsea were beginning to take control - couldn't really influence the game.

Adebayor - n/a - Don't make him angry - you wouldn't like him when he's angry.