Coleman uncertain on Ramseys Arsenal role

Gunners boss Arsene Wenger has played Wales star Ramsey in wider positions this year, with the player himself publicly declaring he prefers to occupy the middle ground.

And while Coleman claims he would not consider Ramsey as a winger in Wales colours unless circumstances dictated otherwise, he also understands Wenger's position.

"In my opinion, he does all his best work for Wales in the centre," Coleman said.

"Offensively, he starts in the centre, but he is a player who goes everywhere

He can end up wide

But it is different when you haven't got the ball

As a wide player, the job is different.

"Yes, I can understand his (Ramsey's) frustrations, but I can also understand why Wenger may play him out there.

"If you look at his physical statistics, he does the most high-intensity running because his engine is incredible.

"So he can do the miles, he can get forward and back, so I can see why Wenger has maybe done that.

"I can see it from both sides

But for us, I wouldn't (play him wide) unless I really absolutely had to."

Ramsey has recently been the subject of speculation linking him to Spanish giants Barcelona, and Coleman added: "If you look at the way he plays, and the way Barcelona play with all that imagination, it is not too dissimilar to the way Arsenal play.

"Barca signed (Ivan) Rakitic from Sevilla last year

Some people were scoffing at that, but he's a good player, and if Barca are looking at 'Rambo' then it's for a reason.

"He's already playing for Arsenal, who play a similar style

He's playing at the top of the Premier League and Champions League every season, so ability-wise when you see the best of Aaron Ramsey..

at his best is he good enough for Barcelona? Yes he is, at his best."

Ramsey's extra-time goal gave Arsenal a thrilling 3-2 victory over Hull in last season's FA Cup final, and now Aston Villa, who are managed by Coleman's former Blackburn colleague Tim Sherwood, stand between the Gunners and more silverware on Saturday.

And while Coleman believes Arsenal have an edge going into the game, he also thinks Villa and the Sherwood factor will have a considerable say on its outcome.

"I know Tim

I shared a dressing room with him at Blackburn

He was the captain, and he's not shy," Coleman said.

"He won't be fazed by Arsenal or Arsene Wenger or any of their stars

Tim will enjoy the big occasion, he thrives on it and he will have his players in the same thinking.

"You have to fancy Arsenal because when you look at the squads pound-for-pound they have the better players, and players like 'Rambo', who has the capacity to score a goal.

"I want Aaron to win it and to turn up with us (ahead of next month's Euro 2016 qualifier against Belgium) with a big smile on his face.

"If you lose the FA Cup final then it will have a little effect on him

He is our boy, so we want him to do the business."

Source : PA

Source: PA