Community Spirit!

Last updated : 04 August 2004 By Raymond Herlihy
No more whiling away the hours watching old season reviews and filling in Season ticket renewals and the like – It's that time of year again, with the traditional season premiere taking place next Sunday in Cardiff.

Following the poor showing of Gooners in Cardiff for the corresponding fixture last year, the REDaction / Atmosphere group are trying to get more Arsenal fans out for the day, to join in a celebration in praise of the Unbeatable Champions – After all we are playing the team we stole if from last year and traditionally are our main rivals over the past decade (no, not you Charlie Big Potatoes from the Kings Road.). We have a big chance to avenge the sound beating we took in the ‘Battle of the Noise' at Villa Park back in April.

We are trying to organise a few special things to make the day more enjoyable for those who make the trip to Cardiff. We all enjoyed the great atmospheres created at the games during Euro 2004, so lets try to recreate some of this. We are encouraging all Gooners to wear their colours, and bring along an Arsenal scarf, so we can all twirl these over our heads during the match, mimicking the passion and colour shown in Portugal over the Summer. We have also organised some old-fashioned Football rattles which are guaranteed to make a real racket and add to the atmosphere in the Champions Section in the Millennium Stadium on Sunday.

Those of you who are making a day of it, come along for an unofficial North Bank Knees Up in the Wetherspoons ‘Gatekeeper' pub, which is close to Gate 2, where most Arsenal fans will be entering the stadium (map here).

Be there, be loud and proud for the Champions.

All together now “WE WON THE LEAGUE………”