Confirmed: UEFA idiots have totally lost the plot on racism

Last updated : 02 May 2003 By Chris Parry
Paddy's remarks were made following the continual racist abuse that he suffered whilst playing in Valencia's Mestalla Stadium on March 19th. - Lauren and Thierry Henry also suffered at the hands of the moronic Valencia fans.

Incredibly, for their part, Valencia themselves have been fined a paltry twenty thousand Swiss Francs - that's nine and a half grand to you and me - because of the shameful behaviour of some of their fans.

UEFA's actions are beyond belief - do they really think that a pathetic fine like that is going to bother the Spaniards? If they do, then Paddy is dead right - they really aren't doing enough to combat racism.

No player should be made to suffer the abuse that is sadly endemic in the game in Spain and Italy - remember the terrible abuse that our lads were subjected to by the Lazio fans last season (never mind the Lazio players!).

It is for this reason that the imbeciles who run UEFA should come down on these clubs in a big way. They should expel them from competitions, or at the least make them play behind closed doors and forfeit their TV revenue.

They have a moral duty to the players who are the targets, but as of now they are shirking their responsibilities.

It's a disgrace.