Congratulations to Liverpool FC

Last updated : 25 May 2005 By Chris Parry
The scousers now get to keep the trophy after having won in five times. I was pleased for them primarily because they showed one of Europe's best sides that they can't always have it their own way.

The overriding emotion for me tonight was simple - I wanted to be in that Stadium, and I wanted to be watching Arsenal competing for the trophy. I'd even have settled for being second best on the night - Just to have had the chance to be there and see our lads compete would have been enough for starters.

Those who say that Liverpool shouldn't have even been allowed to compete for the trophy are missing the point - The fact is that it is no longer the European Champions Cup because multiple teams from each nation are given a place, but you can't blame Liverpool for that. The competition is already half way to being a European super league anyway.

Liverpool started their quest for the trophy on a level playing field with all the other British clubs and won through in the end, and good luck to them for doing so. Any Arsenal fan who moans about a scouse victory tonight is simply suffering from a larger than neccessary case of sour grapes.

I still firmly believe that our time will come in this competition, but in the meantime let's be grateful that the abiding memory of this season for most neutral football supporters will be that of Steven Gerrard lifting that big f*** off trophy, and not the blue scum from Fulham winning their first league title in fifty years!