Could Jesus be Arsenals Defensive Saviour

If reports in Denmark are to be believed, Nicolas Bendtner may finally be on his way out of Arsenal. BT is a tabloid similar to The Sun / Mirror and claims that Malaga are on the verge of agreeing a deal with Arsenal which will see Jesus Gamez come the other way as part of the deal. Gamez is a right back, and would provide competition for Sagna and Jenkinson. However, in preseason, Sagna has been played in a centerback role, as indeed has Chuks Aneke, a player whose natural position is attacking midfield / striker, a position he played in while on loan at Crewe Alex last season. Speculation is rife that maybe, Sagna might be converted into a centerback full time, but the fact that two players were played out of position to cover that area while on tour indicates a lack of cover available.

Arsenal's defense last season were actually very strong, developed a good understanding, and in the run in to season's end, quite possibly were the biggest cause of qualification for the vital champions league place. Vermaelen (still team captain lets not forget) is prone to injury and will be missing at the start of the season. The addition of Gamez to the squad could mean Sagna could be nudged over, and Jenkinson could secure the full time rightback place with Gamez as cover, thus keeping players who know each other playing together, especially if either Koscielny or Mertesacker should pick up a knock. Gamez is Malaga's captain, and while that's not as meaningful as it is in England, it is an indication of consistency and trust in a player.

?1.4million plus Bendtner is the figure being mentioned, although given Bendtner's penchant for demanding more wages than clubs are prepared to pay, the UK's Daily Express speculates that Arsenal might actually also offer to top up the player's wages for the 1st year. Nicklas could perhaps see the resurrection of his career, and Arsenal would have a player experienced in dealing with crosses.

And writers like me can have a little bit of fun! It's a win-win-win situation. Any football fan would be happy with that!

Source: DSX