Deloitte Football Money League: Barcelona, Real Madrid & Man Utd Lead 2020 Rich List

​Barcelona generated more money than any other club in the world last season, bringing in a whopping £741.1m in revenue in the 2018/19 campaign.

La Blaugrana were second to rivals Real Madrid in the 2017/18 standings, but they have since soared up to top spot at the expense of their La Liga rivals.

Francisco Alarcon 'Isco',Nelson Semedo

​Deloitte's Football Money League shows that ​Barcelona brought in £73.6m more than second-placed ​Real, and the gap between the top two has never been bigger in the 23 years in which Deloitte has tracked income.

Their growth is put down to the decision to take charge of their own merchandise and licensing operations, which has made them the first club to bring in more than €800m in one season, and they are even expected to break €1bn in the coming years.

Real sit second on £667.5m, while ​Manchester United take third with £627.1m. However, for the Red Devils, things are projected to get a whole lot worse.

Marcus Rashford

United's failure to qualify for the 2019/20 ​Champions League is expected to hit the club hard going forward, while their commercial success is also expected to take a real hit if the club fail to qualify for Europe's top competition yet again.

"United predict revenue of £560-580m in 2019/20, a result that would likely see the club fall to its lowest ever Money League position in next year’s edition," the report states. 

"This could also put the Red Devils at risk of losing its position as the ​Premier League’s highest revenue generating club for the first time in Money League history."

Sergio Aguero,Kevin De Bruyne

​Manchester City are the second-highest Premier League club, sitting sixth with a revenue of £538.2m, and it is thought that the Citizens will continue to earn more money while United's financial power weakens.

Elsewhere in England, ​Tottenham Hotspur were the best-performing team from London, finishing eighth in the final standings with an income of £459.3m - just £7m ahead of cross-town rivals ​Chelsea.

You can check out the top 20 below.

​Position Club​ 2018/19 Revenue​ (£) 2017/18 Revenue (£)​
​1 Barcelona​ 741.1​ 611.6​
​2 Real Madrid​ 667.5​ 665.2​
​3 Manchester United​ 627.1​ 589.8​
​4 Bayern Munich​ 581.8​ 557.4​
​5 Paris Saint-Germain​ 560.5​ 479.9​
​6. Manchester City​ 538.2​ 503.5​
​7. Liverpool​ 533​ 455.1​
​8 Tottenham Hotspur​ 459.3​ 379.4​
​9 Chelsea​ 452.2​ 448
​10 Juventus​ 405.2​ 349.5​
​11 Arsenal​ 392.7​ 389.1​
​12 Borussia Dortmund​ 332.4​ 281​
​13 ​Atlético Madrid 324​ 269.6​
​14 Inter​ 321.3​ 248.7​
​15 Schalke​ 286.3​ 216​
​16 Roma​ 203.6​ 221.5​
​17 Lyon​ 194.6​ 145.5​
​18 West Ham United​ 190.7​ 175.3​
​19 Everton​ 187.7​ 188.6​
​20 Napoli​ 182.8​ 161.9​

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Source : 90min