Early opening, a results fest on SSN and Arsenal fans' anti-Usmanov stance @ The Rocket!

Last updated : 01 November 2007 By Ben Dimech

Approximately one billion people watch this fixture worldwide and with the way both teams are playing at the moment, something gotta give! Let's hope it's three points for The Arsenal so we can once again put a bit of breathing space between us and the current champions.

We shall have Sky Sports and Football Focus on while we prepare for our message to the world's media. As has been heavily reported, Red & White Holdings will be attending this game and in particular, one Alisher Usmanov. Lots has been written about this man over the last few months and among all the opinions and speculation over his past, there have been a three recent actions by him and his company that we're very much against. One is suggesting to the current board and shareholders that after thirty years, the majority of the clubs profits should be distributed as dividends instead of being reinvested in the club. Ask yourself where that money would come from. Secondly, he initially wanted David Dein to front R&WH in spite of the board's clear insistence that Mr. Dein wouldn't be particularly welcome back. Finally, Usmanov has intimated that he'd want to take control of AFC in the near future. Given his reasons for "investment", we all know this his regime would be considerably worse for the average Arsenal fan than that which we currently enjoy. And that's an understatement. Imagine the impact of a one-man club based on what we've learned looking at other teams. Arsène Wenger being told which players to buy and, even worse, which to play in certain matches. The club being buried in debt used for reinvestment while profits are instead taken by "shareholders". Cesc Fabregas being ordered to play more square balls. The scenarios have all been played out by clubs less fortunate than our own. We need to make a stand NOW!

This threat is very real and continues a worrying trend in The Premiership of single-ownership foreign investors coming from out of nowhere to make lots and lots of money out of English football fans. All these takeovers have been quite different to one another and make no mistake, this would NOT be an Abramovich style rich man's plaything project or even a Mandaric/Romanov style low risk, low return, piss-everyone-off-while-you're-at-it type project either. R&WH are simply the biggest threat to Arsenal Football Club in its illustrious history. The world's media are still unsure what Arsenal fans think of it all. Remember how happy Chelsea fans were when Abramovich came to rescue them? Mirror that with how angry and upset Man United fans were with Malcolm Glazer's debt-geared takeover of their club. Where do Arsenal fans sit on that spectrum? The media still don't know. This is why we need your help to take a stand this Saturday! Please join us in The Rocket for details on how you can help. Both on the day and in the future. The protests on the day are so that the world knows how Arsenal fans feel about such changes to our club. It won't stop Usmanov hoovering up shares but it will send a message to him, to Dein, to AFC shareholders and to the media. Anyone who's ever worked in media or PR will know what an impact such actions can have to a cause. Again, please join us in The Rocket from 11am this Saturday to learn more.

We'll have a very special March at 12:25 on the way to the ground and the game of the season so far! Arsenal's motto is "Victoria Concordia Crescit". It's never meant more in all our history than it does right now.

Victory Through Harmony.

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