Every Opening Day First Goalscorer in Premier League History

The 2020/21 season may only just be upon us, but records have already been broken.

Specifically, by Alexandre Lacazette. The French striker has only been a Premier League player for four seasons, but he has already written his name into the history books - by becoming the first player to score the opening goal of a new campaign on more than one occasion since the top-flight's revamp in 1992.

It took only eight minutes for Fulham to fold under the pressure of the world's watching eyes, handing Lacazette his record on a platter with some vintage 2018/19 defending from the Cottagers. But even when presented with the ball on the goal-line with no opponent in sight, you've still gotta stick it in the back of the net.

Lacazette did just that. Clinical.

So, in honour of the Arsenal man's heroics, 90min takes a look back at each and every player who has enjoyed the honour (only once) of ushering in a new year of football with a goal. Sit back, relax and embrace this trip down memory lane.

1. 1992/93- Brian Deane

The Premier League should have been named in honour of whichever player scored the maiden goal in its existence. Just imagine - Liverpool lifting the Brian Deane trophy after decades of hurt. Thank god Bernt Haas didn't beat Deane to the punch, eh?

2. 1993/94 - Peter Beagrie

The name Beagrie instantly makes me think of the dog 'beagle', and Peter was left wagging his tail in delight at breaking the top-flight deadlock back in 1993.

3. 1994/95 - Kevin Campbell

No, football fans, football didn't exist before 1992. But yes, Manchester City were a thing before 2008! Only, they weren't very good. And nightmares like Kevin Campbell scoring the first goal of the season tended to happen to them.

4. 1995/96 - Efan Ekoku/Alan Shearer/Danny Williamson

Unbelievably, this one is a three-way tie: Efan Ekoku, the first man to score more than three goals in a Premier League match. Alan Shearer, the top-flight's greatest ever goalscorer. And, erm... Danny Williamson.

5. 1996/97 - Stig Inge Bjornebye

What a name. The Stig raced ahead of the chasing pack in 1996 to open the Premier League's account.

6. 1997/98 - Faustino Asprilla

"Here at home I have a whole load of condoms which I want you to help me use, because it is really difficult for me to use all of them," said Faustino Asprilla, as he slashed prices on his birth-control line amid the coronavirus pandemic. Funny guy.

7. 1998/99 - Emile Heskey

Even Emile Heskey has scored the opening goal of a Premier League season. I haven't researched this, but I can only imagine it was a 30-yard screamer which almost broke the net.

8. 1999/2000 - Carl Cort

Carl Cort took the law into his own hands in 1999, sentencing himself to an eternity in the history books with a quick-fire goal.

9. 2000/01 - Mark Venus

Mark Venus finally beat Mr Mercury to be the first in the queue, as the planets realigned.

10. 2001/02 - Kevin Nolan

The chicken dance may not have been around back in the day, but that didn't stop Kevin Nolan from strutting his stuff.

11. 2002/03 - Michael Ricketts

ENGLAND INTERNATIONAL Michael Ricketts convinced Middlesbrough to pay £3.5m for his services after an impressive start to the 2002/03 season. He scored three goals in two seasons for Boro. Money well spent.

12. 2003/04 - David Dunn

No doubt he longs to be remembered for his opening day heroics in 2003, rather than that time he tried a rabona and almost broke his leg. Shame.

13. 2004/05 - Djibril Cisse

Remembered for his wacky haircuts more than his impressive goalscoring record, Djibril Cisse will always be Premier League royalty.

14. 2005/06 - Ruud van Nistelrooy

This guy scored so often, his name was bound to pop up on this list sooner or later. Only once though? Sloppy by Ruud.

15. 2006/07 - Rob Hulse

From one prolific Premier League striker to another, Rob Hulse sent Sheffield United fans into dreamland with his first ever Premier League goal. First of many, I bet. *Checks notes*... Eight, actually.

16. 2007/08 - Michael Chopra

Michael Chopra played for England at Under-16, 17, 19 and 20 level, yet never scored a goal for the Three Lions. Must have been saving them for the senior side.

17. 2008/09 - Samir Nasri

Samir Nasri is only 33 years old. Mental. He was a fresh-faced youngster when he got the ball rolling in 2008 with Arsenal, though.

18. 2009/10 - Stephen Hunt

Apart from being a potentially crude cockney rhyme, Stephen Hunt also scored goals. Early goals, too.

19. 2010/11 - Nikola Kalinic

Blackburn. Fiorentina. Milan. Atletico Madrid. AS Roma. Nothing to see here.

20. 2011/12 - Luis Suarez

Why is no one in the Premier League trying to sign Luis Suarez this summer? We can all see him becoming morbidly obese and making five appearances for a relegated West Ham United, can't we?

21. 2012/13 - Michu

The beginning of a wonderful one-season in the sun for Michu, who was last seen reincarnated in the form of Erling Haaland. The streets will never forget.

22. 2013/14 - Daniel Sturridge

Back when we were seeing that wiggly-arm dance every bloody week. I kinda miss it.

23. 2014/15 - Ki Sung-yueng

An underwhelming name on this list at first glance, but Ki Sung-yeung actually bagged eight goals from midfield in 2014/15. A bit of a baller.

24. 2015/16 - Kyle Walker (OG)

Kyle Walker sprinted into the lead to become the first goalscorer in 2015 - albeit in the wrong net.

25. 2016/17 - Adama Diomande

Not gonna lie, I had to Google this fella to figure out who he was. He played for Hull City, by the way.

26. 2017/18 - Alexandre Lacazette

Where it all began for Lacazette. The start of history.

27. 2018/19 - Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba dabbed Manchester United into the lead back in 2018 - remember when dabbing was a thing? Thank God that's died.

28. 2019/20 - Grant Hanley (OG)

Legendary defender Grant Hanley got Norwich City's season off to a cracking start. The first of 75 goals conceded. Solid.

29. 2020/21 - Alexandre Lacazette

Four years later and Laca is doing it all over again. Predator.

Source : 90min