Every Premier League Goalkeeper in 2019/20 - Ranked by Save Percentage

Being a Premier League goalkeeper can be pretty difficult.

Not only are you isolated and on your own for the majority of any given game, every single action that you perform - making a save, coming for a cross, your distribution of the ball - is put under the most intense microscope imaginable.

Pressure can get to the even the biggest name goalkeepers - just ask Manchester United's David de Gea for confirmation of that - but it can also bring out the very best in them. What better way to be tested than to have shots raining down on your goal, keeping your mind focused and your reflexes sharp?

It begs the question though, for all the great chat we have about 'who the best' goalkeeper is, who actually are the ones to stand up and deliver the most? Well, with a little bit of help from stats gurus FBREF, 90min is here to tell you which Premier League goalkeeper did the one thing that they are paid to do most often during the 2019/20 season - stopping that round thing going into the big net thing.

Let's dig in.

*Minimum 5 Premier League games to be played in order to qualify.

Source : 90min