Farewell to Mad Jens....

Last updated : 04 May 2008 By Chris Parry
The game is short of characters like Jens and he'll be missed by a large proportion of supporters, albiet there's always been a section of the fans that he never managed to win over.

There have been recent public outbursts from the man - albeit the old adage 'don't believe all you read' still applies - however Arsene was magnanimous when asked to comment following the Everton game:

"It was a farewell and I wanted him to have a chance to say goodbye to the fans, that we respect him for what he has done for us. Jens was 100 per cent professional, if not always an easy character. In all his time here, I have not known Jens to not be fully committed for a single minute. That deserves a lot of respect."

"He was the best keeper in the Premier League. He reads the game well, he is brave and had all the assets to come into the Premier League, because he is not frightened of anybody.

"Jens has become better and better, because at the start he was a bit upset easily sometimes, when people walked on his toes at corners. But he got more controlled through his career."

"Jens was 38 this year, and at some stage in a club like ours you have to make a decision to change."