Ferdinand appeal - Latest news

Last updated : 17 January 2004 By Mark Nicholls
"We are appealing the ban because I genuinely forgot to take the test. The first lot didn't believe me story, but the gaffer has told me that the appeals hearing will." Said Ferdinand.

Commenting on his willingness to start the ban on Tuesday, he remarked "We got Les Brown back from injury and we got a very easy bunch of fixtures what I normally lose concentration in anyway. I needed a mid-season break because what with the first trial, I haven't got no stuff in for me new pad yet. The Gaffer has arranged for the appeal to be heard on March 15th so I can be back playing in time for the Arsenal match."

When asked what would happen if he didn't get cleared, Leo responded, "Well I've been told I will, but just in case looks like sumfink is going wrong we will get a continuance until the end of the season. That way I can play all the important matches and just miss the summer tournament with Engerlund. The gaffer has said that none of our lads will be going in the summer anyway cos of the way what the FA treated us before. Just to make things fair, he said none of the foreign lads can play for their countries either."

The appeals committee will be made up of Jordan Taylor, Felix Ferguson, and Rita Ferdinand. Asked about the inclusion of his mother on the appeals committee, Leo said "Well its just the break I was hoping for, what with the way they strung me up before. She's pretty fair, but I'm confident she'll be on my side. Its good to see the boss there too, hopefully he'll be rooting for us, Sir Felix is good like that. I'm not sure about Mr Taylor though, he's not been helpful in the past, hopefully the others can turn him round."