Ferguson the Mad Manc rants again

Last updated : 18 January 2005 By Brian Dawes
It was to deflect journalists, pundits, punters, armchair fans, referees and the Football Association once again away from the basic fact that United are no longer able to outplay Arsenal at pure football and so resort to kicking lumps out of the Gunners every time they meet. I've seen every one of Arsenals recent matches with United but the pre-determined, ugly and brutal treatment of Reyes when we last played at Old Trafford was beyond belief even by United's standards. As of course was the pitiful compliance to the assassination by the inept Riley in that debacle. His was the most inept refereeing I've ever seen at an English game of football, and believe me that takes some doing. No wonder Fergusmoan wants a different story in the papers.

Having attended all our recent encounters with the dark forces I've seen Van Diver punch Freddie but saw no response from an inept Football Association despite it being seen on TV. I witnessed Van Diver give Lauren a forearm smash that went totally unpunished. I was there when the Neville sisters kicked seven shades of shit out of young Reyes without any protection from Riley. I saw Rooney con Riley for a penalty, not a difficult thing to do to Riley if you're wearing a Manure shirt. Mine was also an excellent view of Forlan tumbling down in slow motion for a penalty that should never have been. Miraculously I saw Van Diver fail to break Ashley Cole's leg. Witnessing Van Diver knee Vieira in the back to provoke a response was hardly the shock of my life, neither, given that it was at Old Trollop, was the referee's reaction. Mine was also a clear view when Van Diver stamped on Keown's foot. There are many more incidents of course, but what's the point?

Every one of these crimes was a despicable display of abject nastiness and they were all a reflection on a manager who is a bully. However all Ferguson has to do in order to divert attention away from Thug United is to shout loud enough about anything other than his team's misdemeanours. The press then fall over them selves in a rush to appease the old scroat by crawling up his arse and repeating like a mantra any tripe he regurgitates. It's how United, and in particular Ferguson, have been getting away with blue murder, or should that be red murder, for ages. It cost Wenger £15,000 to call a cheat a cheat. It costs Ferguson nothing but a phone call to a Manc journalist to stir things up again and again and again.

After throwing petrol on the fire the press are beginning to call for an end to the constant bickering between top managers. I'm quite sure Arsene would like nothing more than for Ferguson to shut the feck up! But it's not bickering is it? It's Ferguson coming out with a load of claptrap and Wenger responding by saying that it is claptrap. This claptrap comes from a man desperate to deflect attention from the fact that despite all his heavy spending he has failed to replace his ageing squad with anything like the quality it used to contain. No one, well apart from Leeds and Ranieri of course, could spend that much cash and fail to have a side challenging at the top. Being third best does not suit your average megalomaniac and it certainly doesn't go down too well with a supreme megalomaniac like the Govan gob.

Le Boss has now determined that he will no longer respond to ‘that man'. I'm not sure however that Wenger should remain silent when Ferguson spouts out yet more pure unadulterated drivel. Mainly because I happen to believe that the rants of a dictator should never go unanswered or more importantly unopposed. I also think that perhaps Arsene has now created a problem for himself because having stated that he won't be drawn into any further responses by the Mad Manc Monster it is going to be awfully difficult to maintain that admirable posture. Not responding to taunts, provocation, lies, innuendo and verbal diarrhoea must surely leave the field open for old bluenose to rant on all he likes without fear of the inevitable clever put down. Which is pretty well where he stood prior to Wenger's arrival in England. Not replying and leaving the inept FA to respond to the old goat's rants is surely either a total waste of time or a massive act of unjustified faith in the Football Association.

Ferguson is acting more and more like the dinosaur he so obviously is and the sooner someone explains to him that he's extinct the better. My opinion is that the Football Association have never been able to cope with Ferguson and probably never will, so it won't be them who point out that he is the only creature remaining from the Jurassic period. Far more probable is a P45 from his employers when he fails to produce the goods again this season. So there's hope yet Arsene, you may only have to tolerate him for another five months.