Footballers - The Cybury Gooners need your help!

Last updated : 01 July 2003 By Mel Melis
They are recruiting for two reasons; a). To play in a summer tournament based in Leeds at fairly short notice, and b). To take part in their league campaign next season, which will be mostly London games.

Recent results have been mixed, with wins vs Charlton 2-1, West Ham 2-0, and a defeat vs Fulham 2-0. There is another game this Saturday 5/7/03 against Watford.

We are entering two teams into a tournament in Leeds this summer, on the weekend of 19/20th July to be exact. At the moment we need a few playing volunteers to help us out. We are a few short. The weekend guarantees football - at least three 30 minute matches on the Saturday and up to 5 on the Sunday, depending on how far we progress in the knock out competition. We will be up against supporters teams from all over the country. Check out this link for more info.

The 'A' team have been drawn against supporters teams from Birmingham, Ayr Utd and QPR and The 'B' team have drawn supporters teams from Millwall, West Ham and Bradford.

If you wish to find out more about Cybury, either for this tournament or next season, please get in contact.

Send an email to with details of your age, experience and positions played in, and we will get right back to you. Also please specify whether you can make it for the tournament or prefer to play next season.

If you do want to come to Leeds, subs for matches will not be an issue, transport may be available through shared lifts with other team members, but we will expect you to pay for your accomodation (although we can probably squeeze a few people into the rooms we've already booked!).

Your Arsenal supporters football team needs you!

Mel, Cybury Gooners.

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