Gael escapes with bruising - No broken leg

Last updated : 21 September 2008 By Chris Parry
Arsene didn't see it, predictably enough, and he had this to say:

"It it a shin injury which means the tackle was quite high. Was it an accident? Was it mistimed? Only Davies can answer that.

"I did not really see the impact, so I have to watch it on video. We except the physical challenge and we respond well to it. We have no problem with a physical game. It is part of the charm of the game but kicking someone is not in the rules."

Bolton manager Gary Megson (predictably) defended his player, but surely when he sees the replay he'll cringe just like the rest of us. He said:

"It was nothing. Kevin has actually won the ball. It is nonsense to suggest anything otherwise. It was a fair challenge, a proper football challenge, and he was entitled to go for the ball. We did not try to intimidate Arsenal, that's a complete nonsense."

Yeah right...