Get your flags out for the lads!

Last updated : 23 February 2004 By Paul Lawrence

Following on from the limited success (!!) of the club's Fans Day initiative, Flag Day has been organised solely by the supporters' representatives that make up the atmosphere forum. The idea behind the day is to try and create a bit more colour and life in the stands than we're usually used to, something a bit different to help raise the noise to produce an atmosphere that is worthy of the world class players out on the pitch.

Have you got an old flag from Brussels in 1980? Or from that wonderful night in Copenhagen? Or a scarf or banner that desperately needs displaying? If so, dig it out and bring it along to the Charlton game. There's going to be a few prizes, signed by the players, floating around for the oldest and best flags; so don't be shy and get them on show!

Unfortunately, there are some "health and safety" restrictions that the club has to adhere to, and we just can't get around them, so flags shouldn't be any bigger than one metre square. Whilst I won't personally discourage anyone from bringing a bigger flag or banner, do be warned that if you have got a big one (behave!) there's a good chance you might get some jobsworth steward asking you to take it down.

As on "fans day", the bars around the ground will be doing pint-and-a-half sized beers for the price of a pint, so rather than hiding away in the pubs why not turn up early and get the beer flowing. It'll cost you less, and it always helps the atmos when everyone gets in early! They will be giving away free choccy bars with every hot drink aswell.

Also, if you're in the North Bank, be sure to pop down to the band bar coz we'll be having a good sing-song again. It went down well last time and gave everyone an opportunity to get all the new songs aired (thanks to Michael for the new Olè Jose and Jose Antonio songs, which have both caught on well), so if you've got a new ditty or two you want to share with the Gooner audience, come down and let us hear it! We managed to get a few of the old classics out aswell. Whoopsy-daisy Martin Hasey anyone?

So I'll see you all nice an early on Saturday! Let's help raise the roof again like we did against Chelsea!