Great British Bake Off: 5 Footballers Who Would Without Doubt 100% Win the Competition

​Bake Off is back.

Buns, muffins, rolls and cakes have become the talk of the town once again as the hit Channel 4 show returned. With it came a whole host of amateurs chefs who will try their luck at overcoming the odds and seeing off the competition to be the UK's next Delia Smith.

Delia Smith......? Norwich......? Football.......? Bingo!

Yes, we're doing it. Footballers who would win Bake Off.

All those wannabe bakers may fancy their chances this time around, but they would have the floor wiped with them if this lot were involved. Because, obviously, if you can kick a ball, you can knead dough, make sugar glass etc.. That's science. You should know that.

So without further ado, courtesy of 90min, here are six footballers who would come out trumps in Channel 4's baking bonanza.

Daniel Sturridge

After toiling away with cheap Tesco baguettes in England, Sturridge has now landed his dream move to Turkey to light up the Super Lig.

And what do the Turkish do well? Pastry. I mean, they practically invented the stuff.

Baklava remains one of the world's most beloved delicacies, with the 30-year-old (probably) already making umpteen of them in his lovely new kitchen, or at least getting a few tips from the Trabzonspor chefs on how to craft these sweet delights. Not to mention Turkish delight, which Sturridge has already proclaimed himself as.

He'd absolutely smash it on Bake Off, with his cheeky approach sure to win over Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood.

The Tottenham Club Chef Circa 2006

Tottenham Hotspur v Everton - Premier League 2

Granted, his fine work during one fateful dinner ended up costing his side ​Champions League football.

But now, fully versed in the tools of the trade, he who shall not be named (because I don't know his name) could definitely send the other contestants packing with a couple of extra ingredients thrown into some unsuspecting bowls.

Or he could treat them to a lovely pre-competition meal, only to reveal he's vegan and crack out his own separate dish and watch the drama unfold.

Lasagna, anyone? 

Carl Jenkinson

Carl Jenkinson

Any footballer who spends the better part of seven years not actually playing any football must surely have discovered a different past-time to get him through those long, arduous weeks sitting on a wad of cash and twiddling his thumbs?

With that in mind, Carl Jenkinson must have have tried baking at least once during his seemingly never-ending stint on the sidelines. 

If he didn't, then he would have at least racked up a good 1348 hours of watching baking on the television to put him in good stead.

Lionel Messi

The Argentinians are well-known for their supreme steak, with barbecue a major staple in any Argentine's diet.

While he's busy being one of the best players in the world, the Barcelona forward still clearly has time to cook, opting against the run-of-the-mill footballer trait of hiring a world-class chef to do it for him.

As the above video suggests...baking isn't really involved. However, he clearly knows a thing or two about chopping and cooking food to the right temperature and consistency which will have him making light work of those part-time rookies. It's ​Messi, he's good at everything.

Kevin De Bruyne

Someone who can achieve anything he puts his mind to, whether it's a 70-yard pass or a 35-yard screamer, given that ​De Bruyne is a big fan of the show, there's no reason why he couldn't topple to competition when it comes to baking.

He's such a big fan of the past-time, that he apparently spends his days away from the training ground cooking up some tasty treats for his ​Manchester City teammates.

A passion for baking? Yes. A willingness to succeed? Yes. Probably bored of winning the Premier League title and eager for a new career? Probably not, but he'll find a way to balance that I'm sure.

Source : 90min