Hill-Wood: Henry's new contract is ready to be signed

Last updated : 26 January 2006 By Chris Parry
He says:

"I know two things; One, we want him to stay. Two, we have made him an absolutely fantastic offer. I'm not going to say what it is but I know it made me shudder. It's a lot of money."

"It's for five years. Arsene Wenger thinks he's physically very capable of playing for another five years."

"If he wants to go to Barcelona, or somewhere, there's absolutely nothing we can do, although someone will have to pay something to get him, but we've made him very welcome and we've made him a very good offer which is probably as good an offer as anybody in this country -- maybe other than Chelsea -- would make."

"Thierry says he wants to know if the club is ambitious. We're spending 350 million pounds on a new stadium and have just brought in three new players. That is not unambitious."