Ian Wright insists continued exposure will boost perceptions of women's football

Arsenal legend Ian Wright has called out the section of male football fans who think the women’s game is somehow ‘inferior’, adding that increased exposure and the vast footballing knowledge of people like Emma Hayes is what will help change those outdated perceptions.

In addition to being a top class coach and manager with Chelsea, Hayes has also emerged as an elite co-commentator and pundit through her television work.

Wright has explained that Hayes can see things on the pitch that even he, someone with 15 years of professional playing experience and 20 more as a pundit, doesn’t.

“I’m trying to explain to people, watching the game, watching the England game, Emma’s seeing stuff that I can’t see,” he said on his Wrighty’s House podcast in a live recording with Barclays.

“When she’s giving those people that insight, you just think I just want to ram it down their throats. When I heard that Emma got Pundit of the Year, it made me really smile.

“For some reason, we’re getting negativity. There’s a section of men who watch football and feel they own football. And the women’s game, they think it's inferior. Someone like Emma coming and talking and telling them what’s going on, it was beautiful to listen to. Because that’s what changes it.

“When they actually sit down and think, ‘Jesus Christ, I just got schooled’.”

Wright has long been a vocal and ardent supporter of women’s football. Unsurprisingly, he is an Arsenal fan and is delighted to see the Gunners return to the outstanding best this season.

“I’m really pleased with the way they’re playing at the moment,” he said.

“The manager’s got them going. Got some energy…Katie McCabe, I love Katie. And obviously what Beth Mead’s doing. I like the fact that they rested Viv Miedema the other day because I think that she’s gonna need that every now and then.

“You want people like Beth coming in…Lotte Wubben-Moy, at some stage I think she’s going to be an England regular. So I’m quite excited about Arsenal.”

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Source : 90min