Is anyone paying attention to Arsenal

Last updated : 28 July 2015 By DSG

With their second straight FA Cup silverware firming planted in the trophy case, does Arsenal have what it takes to vie for the Premier League title? Looking at their roster of talent it is hard to bet against them

It is not that they made big splashes in the transfer market, though they have upgraded at goalkeeper with the acquisition of Petr Cech from Chelsea.

It wasn't long ago that fans were calling for a change of leadership at the Emirates

Arsene Wenger days look numbered with little hope in sight

Then a funny thing happened; WengerÂ’s plan of building a great team instead of buying one started to show promise

Players that were spending more time on the training room tables instead of on the training ground began to heal and recover their form

They were arguably the best team in the Premier League after the New Year.

This team has seemed to grow up together; they have a belief in each other and a belief in their manager

Players that Wenger brought in from the outside seem to fit in well with the others

It is like they were there all along.

Many stories are going around that Arsenal need another world class striker for this transformation of theirs to be complete

After what they accomplished in the pre-season, IÂ’m not so sure

In four matches they scored 14 goals from 9 different players while only giving up one

Yes, it was only pre-season, but this team looks to be carrying over the confidence it had at the end of the last

Wenger’s philosophy of building a team and using the transfer market wisely without “panic” buying seems to be working

This looks to spell trouble for the top flight teams in the BPL.

There is an American saying that goes, “Don’t Get Happy”

It means that you shouldn't rest on your accomplishments feeling proud and boastful, but always look forward to improving and staying hungry

If the pre-season is any indication, then Arsenal look downright angry, so now would be a good time for the rest of the league to start paying attention

Source : DSG

Source: DSG