Is it that bad????.......No really, is it?

Last updated : 26 June 2007 By David Feltham

But is it really as bad as we all fear? Arsene knows.....apparently, and so far he hasn't let us down.

I got the feeling Henry would leave as soon as he put pen to paper last year. When I saw him play at the start of this season I was convinced he was on his way. It was a carbon copy of Vieira the year before. Was he going, wasn't he, will he, won't he.....oh he signed a new 4 yr contract, then he's off following a season of half hearted performances and regular injuries you couldn't quite pin point.

There is no doubt that Thierry Henry's presence on the football field tempered other younger players. I was sick to the back teeth of watching Henry and Pires bully Reyes week in week out. One man does not make a team. Some have called Henry egotistical, I tend to agree without taking anything away from his sheer brilliance.

The main thing the board has to do is do what's right for Arsenal Football Club. Firstly secure Wenger future but before they can do that I have a feeling they need to secure the financial future by teaming up with the American (God that sticks in my throat) and eat some humble pie by bringing Dein back. I think it will be a joint effort from Dein and the Yank to bring stability back to Arsenal and thus secure Arsene Wenger for another couple of years.

Wenger is a man of honour; he is also a man of integrity and fighting spirit. He is on the verge of another great team at Arsenal, why walk away from that. With Henry gone there is no one left on the pitch to intimidate the youthful brilliance that we witnessed tear Premiership sides apart in the Worthless Cup and for 30 minutes make Chelsea's £150 million team look decidedly average.

Come February when we are in the top three, watching Van Persie knocking in goals for fun, Bentner emerging, Adeyayor finding his feet, Fabregas raising his price tag beyond £25 million, Walcot gaining in confidence, Hleb learning to look up and pass, Rosicky running at defences and banging in 15 goals like an on form Pires, we won't be thinking of Henry beyond wiping the smile off his face in the Champions League.

Arsenal has seen some of the greatest players in the world grace the Red & White shirt. We have also seen them come and go and have always bounced back stronger. The best is yet to come from Arsenal, maybe not in individual brilliance but as a team we are in the same position ManUre were just prior to Van Nistlerooy departure.

Henry didn't go without Wenger's approval. That man knows what he is doing. Let the also-runs down the other end of Seven Sister's Road enjoy the next couple of weeks, but come May 2008 it will be the Red side of North London smiling.

Henry is, maybe was, a great player, but he was never Arsenal Football Club.