Jose Reyes impresses on his debut

Last updated : 01 February 2004 By Chris Parry
His first touch of the ball was a sublime turn, and on more than one occasion he got into goalscoring positions. Thierry Henry admitted after the game that they were trying to set him up for a goal, but it didn't quite happen.

The City players were doing their best to wind him up at one point, giving him the full 'pushing and shoving' off the ball treatment, but the young Spaniard was kept out of trouble by his team mates.

Arsene wenger was clearly happy with him, saying: "What he did he did well. He had one chance in 20 minutes, which is very positive. It was a new, passionate, physical atmosphere for him. He needs some adaptation but his basic qualities and talents are huge."

I reckon he might well get a run out against Boro on Tuesday - What a fine stage for his opening goal!