Just back - Report follows tomorrow night

Last updated : 22 September 2003 By Brian Dawes
In the ground the bar was open and the police didn't have riot gear on - big change there.

After the match - Lots of pissed off Mancs looking for a fight.

During the match United lacked the bottle to attack us in numbers, we worked hard and had the better of the play although they had more chances. Well done Arsene for picking a team to battle. Freddie, Ashley and Kolo were outstanding.

Congratulations to Martin and Co for preparing Van Diver for the post match hair-dryer with a bit of hair drying of their own. No screens at Mancland so I only got one look, but if that was a penalty my balls are 24 carat

Best chant was at the end 'See you on the motorway, see you on the motorway'

Will the Sally Gunnell lookalike be done for diving and being the root cause, along with the cheating Van Diver of all the post match handbags? No way!

Will we be done for taking a point at Old Trollop, need you ask?

5 live were asking for Arsenal fans to phone up and condone the players. I didn't do so - but I'd like to say how appalled I was at Keown's reactions to Van Diver - he clearly had an opportunity to chin the bar steward and failed to do so - shame on you Martin!