ManU v Arsenal Player Ratings

Last updated : 16 February 2003 By Nicosia Gooner

Away to ManU of all places? But how wrong we (well, me anyway!) were to doubt the greatest manager in Arsenal's history!

I have to say that I was extremely nervous when the match started and despite this fantastic performance, I couldn't really relax until I realised we were in the 92 minute and 2-0 up. Manure started their disgraceful kicking match and it was so obvious that they had instructions from the Red Nose Fergie to get stuck in and show us up; unfortunately for him, our lads did not fall such provocation and class always come through.

I would love to name one player as "Man of the Match" but who do I choose? Vieira, Edu, Campbell, Keown, Cole, Wiltord, Parlour, Pires? How can I choose one when they were all fantastic?

Here are my ratings :

Seaman – Did he have a save to make? I remember catching a couple of high crosses but I can't remember him having to make a save at all - 7/10

Lauren – Very good at going forward but perhaps his defending could have been better; I think he can learn from Cole who had similar problems last season. We must however try and be patient with him because Wenger knows! – 7.5/10

Cole – I was amazed that one newspaper gave him 4/10 for his England performance; I have to admit that I watched the France match instead but I still can't believe that he could have been that bad because all his Arsenal performances this season have been outstanding; and today was no exception as a certain Mr. Beckham would confirm. His attacking ability has always been there for everyone to see but this season he has added defensive skills that I never realised he had. 9/10

Keown – Had the Van Diver in his pocket even though the provocation was beyond what one would expect in such a match; how the Van Diver stayed on the field only the referee (who otherwise had a good match) knows. Keown did make one mistake that lead to Giggs making a fool of himself but we forgive him for that. 8.5/10

Campbell – Another outstanding performance by our (yes, OURS) great centre half; who was it that said Ferdinand was a better defender that our Sol? Who ever it was I suggest that they should think again – 9/10

Vieira – What a colossus performance by such a colossus captain? He was everywhere and he use of the ball was absolutely superb. Please, please Vieira, sign that contract NOW! – 9.5/10

Edu – Its funny that when I put the official line-up today some people said "Why is Edu playing instead of Gio" and I have to admit that I was one of them. Last season he was outstanding when we beat ManU to win the Championship but today he was even better. 9.5/10

Pires – What a player? He treats the ball like the most beautiful and sexiest woman in the world; the timing of his passes its just pure class and what some people may have missed is his effort in his recent matches. Did any of you noticed who was next to Campbell when he cleared the ball from Van Diver when he was through and Keown made that great tackle? Yes, it was none other than Pires and how many other times was he in the box defending? – 9.5/10

Parlour – Ray had a great game on the right both defensively and offensively; I am really pleased for him because he is a real Gooner who never moans when he is left out. I hope he stays with us for at least another couple of seasons because we need players like him. 8.5/10

Jeffers – He is so different to Henry but yet offers so much; his running in to the box was superb and it's a shame that some of our players did not see him because he would have scored. He gave 100% , ran back to help the midfield and I am sure he will be one of the guys who will make a great contribution for us to the end of the season – 8.5/10

Wiltord – Was he superb or was he superb today? Apparently he was clapped of the pitch by all the players, that is how much they thought of his performance today. As with Jeffers, he ran his socks off and scored a brilliant goal – 9.5/10

Subs that came on : Henry (excellent pass to Wiltord that should have resulted in a penalty), Gio and Toure