Mikel Arteta Reveals Arsenal Players Are in Regular Contact With Psychologist During Lockdown

​​Arsenal Manager Mikel Arteta has revealed that his playing squad are keeping regular communication with a psychologist during this extended hiatus from football due to Covid-19. 

The Gunners squad have been isolated from each other since Arteta tested positive for the virus well over a month ago. 


As the return of our beloved sport becomes seemingly further and further away, live football remains a distant memory - the last Premier League fixture to be played was ​Leicester vs ​Aston Villa on the 9 March. 

While keeping physically healthy is no doubt the priority for any football club and manager, the need to keep players mentally well and fit is also of paramount importance. 

Quoted by ​Sky Sports, Arteta explained: "We have our psychologist who is looking after the players and is always in constant communication with them. But as well we're having feedback from different people and we're constantly sending information and videos and keeping them busy."

Alexandre Lacazette

As the first major Premier League figure to be diagnosed with coronavirus, the importance of remaining fit is not lost on the former ​Manchester City assistant coach. 

However, despite the traumas of a lockdown, Arteta remains optimistic, with the former ​Everton midfielder outlining: "This time has been really helpful from my side, at least, to get to know the players better, and we are trying to improve our relationship, our communication and the understanding between us."

While there is no need to rush players back unduly quickly, all football's clubs must continue to plan for the returning footballing season and for whatever it may look like. 

"We have a lot of meetings to try and plan the season," Arteta added. "We might have one, two, three different scenarios and we have to be prepared for all of them. I'm not a person that likes improvising a lot so yeah we have to know the circumstances can change every week and we have to be prepared as a club to react to that and adapt."

Source : 90min