Olivier Giroud's best goals - ranked

Although it's not said often enough, Olivier Giroud is one of the most technically gifted finishers in the world. If you look up words like clinical and spectacular in the dictionary, the chances are you'll see the Frenchman's name.

Despite limited opportunities over the past few years, the striker has consistently proved that he is indeed red hot in front of goal and, at the time of writing, averages a goal every 91 minutes for Chelsea this season.

The former Arsenal man is just ten goals off reaching the famous 100 club in the Premier League, and is France's second highest all-time goalscorer with 44 strikes - second only to Thierry Henry, no less. So, we know he can score goals, but which rank among his best?

13. Vs Cameroon - 2016

In reality, it's the magnificently executed ping by Paul Pogba that makes this goal so spectacular.

But, my goodness, how easy does Giroud make that volley look? Skip to 1:24 in the above video to see.

12. Vs Southampton - 2018

The big man isn't just a fantastic first-time finisher. Skip to 1:18 above to have a look.

This opening goal of the 2018 FA Cup semi-final showed he also has wonderful feet and ice running through his veins.


11. Vs Ukraine - 2020

Go to 1:05 in this video to see the goal that brought Giroud level with Michel Platini in the list of all-time top goalscorers for the French national team.

The goalkeeper visibly thought about trying to dive for it but, in the end, probably made the right call. You're not reaching that one, mate.

10. Vs Manchester City - 2014

Remember when Arsenal could beat Manchester City 3-0? Yeah, it's a while ago.

Skip to 3:02 in the video to witness Giroud holding off Sergio Aguero before unleashing a purely venomous strike past the helpless Willy Caballero.

9. Vs Crystal Palace - 2015

No, it's not that Giroud goal against Crystal Palace (although it will of course feature). But it's still an absolute corker.

Go to 0:42 in the above video to see where Erling Haaland got his inspiration for his recent strike against Schalke.

8. Vs West Ham - 2014

The Frenchman took 'great touch for a big man' to another level with this goal. Giroud kills the ball perfectly before finishing calmly through the legs of Adrian.

Skip to 1:28 in the above video to see it.

7. Vs Red Star Belgrade - 2017

A beautiful bit of improvisation and pinpoint accuracy from Giroud stole all three points late on in Belgrade in 2017.

The man loves a European night.

6. Vs Sochaux - 2011

To all who claim Giroud possesses no right foot: go to 2:32 in the above video.

A phenomenal first-time chip from outside the area with his weaker foot was just one of the reasons Arsenal eventually decided to bring him to the Premier League from Montpellier.

5. Vs Manchester United - 2014

Despite the Gunners losing the game 2-1, Giroud's strike was by far the highlight of the day.

Skip to 0:23 in the highlights reel above to see a stupidly brilliant half-volley from outside the box nestle into David De Gea's top corner.

4. Vs Sweden - 2017

France went on to lose this match 2-1 in 2017, but it won't be remembered for anything other than one of the finest goals anyone could ever hope to score in their career.

A fine touch set up a clean, precise, and beautifully lethal volley from the angle of the area which found the far corner perfectly to open the scoring.

Funnily enough, the only reason the striker found himself in that position was because he'd just come back onto the pitch after receiving treatment on the side line. Skip to 0:20 to watch it.

3. CHELSEA vs Atletico Madrid - 2021

The newest entry came in midweek, when Giroud scored the only goal to secure a big away win at Atletico Madrid in their Champions League round of 16 first leg.

Not a bad way to win a match, Oli.

2. Vs Paris Saint-Germain - 2011

This bicycle kick, however, was superior.

A quite sublime effort to secure a 2-2 draw against Paris Saint-Germain in his penultimate season at Montpellier before, of course, helping the side to a Ligue 1 title the year after.

Got to 3:39 in the above video to see Giroud chest the ball before acrobatically unleashing a ferocious strike which cannoned in off the bar.

1. Vs Crystal Palace - 2017

As previously alluded to, this goal had to feature. And it couldn't be anywhere but number one.

After a lovely flick in the buildup, the Frenchman wasn't at all fazed by Alexis Sanchez' cross being behind him and, instead, went for the bold, the audacious, the daring.

A stunning scorpion kick left Giroud's boot and hit the back of the net via the underside of the crossbar - just perfect.

A truly magical Premier League moment, which went on to pick up the 2017 Puskas award. Not bad, Oli. Not bad at all.

Source : 90min