Pathetic Osgood's outburst reeks of bitterness

Last updated : 27 March 2003 By Chris Parry
He told Sky Sports News: "Arsenal are a good side, but the only thing that takes away from it is that Jeffers. I tell you what, if I was still a player - or if I was Ron 'Chopper' Harris - I would love to take him out.

"I would love to see him get really hurt, because he does dive so much. He's the biggest cheat I've seen in my life, he really is. He's just a disgrace to Arsenal Football Club, he really is.

"He does dive and I think it's a shame because they are a very good side, probably the best in the Premiership. But I think it takes away a bit when you get guys like him diving around. It's really sad."

He would do well to look at players like Gronkjaer and Hasselbaink if he wants to see diving.

It's old has-beens like Osgood that really get up my nose - spouting all of this self-righteous crap about players "diving" whilst at the same time making inane comments about wanting to 'take a player out'. This isn't the '70's for heavens sake man - wake up!

No wonder Bates sacked him - hardly a good ambassador for his former club is he?