#PlayersTogether: Lionesses Make Donation to NHS Fund Set Up by Premier League Stars

​The England women's national team have made a collective donation to the #PlayersTogether fund - an initiative set up by Premier League players earlier this month alongside NHS Charities Together to help fight the coronavirus outbreak.

This initiative came in response to comments by Health Secretary Matt Hancock which called on footballers to play their part during the current pandemic.

Just days after it's launch, the entire England women's national team have confirmed they will make a collective donation to the #PlayersTogether fund.

The fund has already seen countless Premier League players sign up to help with the financial crisis the health service is going through.

The initiative was actually first talked about well before Hancock's comments and Liverpool's Jordan Henderson was a driving force behind it.

"I don't think people understand how long it takes to get something like this sorted, to get the number of players involved that Jordan liked," Wolves' Conor Coady said, quoted by the Daily Mail.

"He's been fantastic, [as have] the rest of the Premier League captains in terms of getting on board and making sure that it was a big part of what we wanted to do.

"We knew if everyone was together doing it, and pulling in the same direction, that it'd be a little bit stronger. Clubs are doing their own little thing as well, but in terms of bringing the Premier League players together, it's a great idea.

Jordan Henderson

"It came from Jordan. He came up with it, thought it'd be a good idea and took the step forward - then it was up to us to speak to the lads in our individual teams and make sure they were in with it."

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Source : 90min